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For an HTTP request handler to be called using a URL, it must first be defined in a service. If you have developed your own request handler, you need to insert it into the relevant service in order for it to be usable.


You have created a request handler.


  1. Call transaction SICF.

  2. If no suitable service exists, create a new service.

  3. If a suitable service does exist, double-click on it to open it..

  4. Choose Handler list.

  5. Choose Change.

  6. Enter a request handler in the list (by choosing F4 if necessary).

    Note Note

    You can create multiple HTTP request handlers for a single service. These are then called in the specified order. You can use return codes to control whether other handlers from the list are called, and if so, which ones.

    End of the note.
  7. Save your entries with Save.

  8. Check that the service is active.


The request handler can be called up via a URL that contains the relevant service path.


The SAP NW Application Server runs on the computer saphost on port 8080. In transaction SICF, you have created the service sap/bc/ping in the HTTP service tree and entered your handler class CL_HTTP_MYHANDLER in the handler list.

If you enter the URL http://saphost:8080/sap/bc/ping, the method handle_request(), which you created for your HTTP request handler, is called.