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To display, create, or change destinations, choose the following from the SAP menu:   Administration   System Administration   Administration   Network   RFC Destinations (transaction SM59)  .

Remote destinations are stored in table RFCDES. Table RFCDES describes logical destinations for remote function calls (RFCs). You cannot maintain table RFCDES directly.

Displaying Destinations

The initial screen shows a tree. Here, you can select various connection types, such as ABAP connections or HTTP connections.

To find a destination, choose Find and enter your selection criteria. A list of suitable entries is displayed. You can display all the available information for each entry.

Creating Destinations

To create a new RFC destination, choose Create. A screen appears where you can enter the name, connection type and description of the new destination. You can also specify additional destination parameters, such as logon data, settings for code page usage and the name of the application server.

Changing Existing Destinations

To change an existing RFC destination, choose Change.

For more detailed information about changing destination parameters, see Entering Destination Parameters.

Testing Destinations

To test a destination, choose   Utilities   Test   and select one of the following functions:

  • Connection Test (also a pushbutton)

  • Authorization Test (checks logon data)

  • Unicode-Test (checks whether the target system is Unicode compatible)

By choosing   Utilities   Remote Login   (also a pushbutton), you can log on in the target system manually.

More Information

In addition to the activities described above, there are other settings that you can make for RFC destinations. You can find further information under: