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Defining the System User of the Directory ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure


The SAP system logs on to the directory server with the authentication data of the directory service (system user).


  1. On the initial screen of the directory service maintenance (transaction LDAP), choose Start of the navigation path LDAP Administration Next navigation step System User End of the navigation path, or the System User pushbutton.

    The system displays the Display LDAP System User View: Overview screen.

  2. Switch to change mode and choose New Entries.

  3. Enter the required data:



    User ID

    Logical name of the system user

    Distinguished Name

    Name of the system user defined in the directory


    Authentication mechanism for access, such as Simple bind (user ID and password)

    Store Credentials

    Storage location of the user password, such as secure storage, simple storage (password in plain text)


    User password

  4. Activate Read Rights Only so that the user does not have any authorization to write to the directory server.

  5. To change or delete the credentials (that is, the user password), use the change and delete functions.

  6. Save your entries.