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The security functions of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java provide you with the tools to protect your applications from a number of different threats. This section attempts to provide you with the basic tools to protect your applications in most cases. The rest of section provides a more detailed description of the various security functions, explaining some of the more specialized uses of SAP NetWeaver APIs.

  • Protecting Applications

    This section provides an overview of security from the application point-of-view. It explains how to protect an application by requiring authentication, identifying the current user, and defining authorizations on the AS Java.

  • Developing Authentication Enhancements

    This section provides instructions for creating your own login modules. It also includes procedures for customizing the logon screens.This section describes how the logon process on the AS Java works, and how it uses the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) for authentication.

  • Ensuring Secure Communication

    You can use the Destination service API to establish HTTP(S) connections within your applications. You can use the interfaces and classes available with the secure connection factory to establish HTTPS connections when the AS Java is the client component for the connection.

  • Integrating Digital Signatures and Document Encryption

    You can use these interfaces in your applications to create or verifying digital signatures or to encrypt or decrypt digital documents.

  • Integrating Virus Scan

    You can use the interfaces and classes available with the virus scan provider API to include external virus scanners in the SAP system to increase the security of your system.