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The Web server capabilities of the SAPNetWeaver platform enable you to provide effective solutions to the divergent information requirements posed by the various users. For example, you can use the Web-based portal interface to enable Web browser access to information from multiple sources.

The portal delivers advanced capabilities for categorizing and searching for information, allowing selective and intuitive targeting of files and documents at varied information sources. Respectively, to implement an effective and flexible access policy, corresponding to the information requirements of the portal users, SAPNetWeaver enables you to use a number of options for authenticating Web-based access requests.

Implementation Considerations

SAPNetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java is the underlying technology that enables authentication for portal users. The Web browser acts as a client for the portal and sends the user credentials that correspond to the configured authentication mechanisms on the AS Java where the portal runs.


For supported Web browser versions, see the SAP NetWeaver Product Availability Matrix (PAM) available from SAPService Marketplace at


SAPNetWeaver enables you to configure and use a number of authentication mechanisms with varying degrees of complexity and security. You can customize the security of your SAPNetWeaver systems to fit your authentication policies and needs.

For information about the available authentication mechanisms, see the following topics: