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The development capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) enable you to develop custom enhancements to the standard authentication mechanisms.

By using custom development to enhance authentication, you can strengthen the security of your SAP NetWeaver systems. For example, you can develop GSS API libraries to enable authentication using smart cards and thereby increase the secure storage options for the authentication credentials of SAP NetWeaver users. The GSS API also enables you to use custom development to integrate non-SAP systems in SSO environments with SAP NetWeaver. In addition, for the AS Java technology stack of SAP NetWeaver you can develop and deploy login modules that are compliant with the JAAS standard to use custom authentication checks for user logon.


The development of authentication enhancements on SAP NetWeaver is related to the underlying technology that you use.

  • For SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP, you can develop authentication enhancements by using the GSS API V2 provided with Secure Network Communications (SNC).
  • For SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java, you can use SAPNetWeaver Developer Studio to develop custom JAAS login modules.
  • For enabling SSO to external systems, you can develop web service filters that support authentication with logon tickets.
  • When developing authentication enhancements for SAPNetWeaver AS ABAP, install the SAPCryptographic Libraries. For more information, see Using the SAP Cryptographic Library for SNC .
  • When developing authentication enhancements for SAPNetWeaver AS Java, SAPNetWeaver Developer Studio is installed and you have sufficient authorizations for deployment to the target SAPNetWeaver AS Java system.

For more information about developing authentication enhancements, see: