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A company is an attribute in a user's profile. Every user belongs to one company only.


A company is not the same thing as a user group. However, for each company, the user management engine (UME) can automatically generate a corresponding company group.


Use companies to define sets of users and provide a form of delegated administration. Companies also allow for self-registration with an approval workflow.

  • If you have an SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP as the data source of the AS Java, companies are configured by default. The UME reads the ABAP user groups on the AS ABAP and implements these groups as companies on the AS Java.
  • If your data source is the database of the AS Java or an LDAP directory, companies are not configured by default. You configure them by setting UME properties.

When you configure companies, the UMEautomatically can create a group for each company.