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Manually Adding Authorization Objects to ScenariosLocate this document in the navigation structure

To enable administrators to control the evaluation of individual authorization objects in the scenario, you must add them to the scenario definition.


  1. Start Workbench for Switchable Authorization Check Scenarios (transaction SACF).
  2. Select Active Scenarios.
  3. Enter selection parameters.
  4. Choose Execute Object (Execute).
  5. Select a scenario definition and choose Display or Change (Show <-> Change).
  6. Double-click an active scenario.
  7. Choose Create (Add Object).
  8. Select authorization objects and return.
  9. Select the authorization objects in the table and select a value from the Set status Status pushbutton.
    Option Description

    Actively check without restrictions

    The system always checks this authorization object in this scenario.

    Failed checks result in warnings

    If the check would have failed, the system shows a warning in1 the application indicating the scenario name, the authorization object, and the SAP Note assigned to the scenario, but the authorization check still succeeds.

    Checks disabled (always passes)

    Whenever the system checks this authorization object in this scenario, it returns a success.

    Entry is obsolete

    Set this value to remove this authorization object from the scenario and prevent the system from reading it during testing.

    Undefined (new)

    Sets the authorization object to an initial or undefined state.

  10. Save your entries.


You have determined how you want authorizations to be checked in the scenario definition. As long as the scenario meets the requirements for your solution, you can then transport the scenario definition with your application. Otherwise you can manually adjust the authorization objects until it meets your requirements.