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Maintaining Role Assignments for Many DBMS UsersLocate this document in the navigation structure

To simplify user management of the database management system (DBMS), you can create and delete role assignments of DBMS users from SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) ABAP. Use report RSUSR_DBMS_USERS.


  • You have customized SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP to use DBMS user management.

  • You have logged on with a user, who has the required authorizations.

    This report checks the authorization object S_USER_GRP for the activity 02 for editing and 03 for display.


  1. In ABAP: Program Execution (transaction SA38), start report RSUSR_DBMS_USERS.
  2. In the User Selection section, enter user selection criteria.

    Test your selection criteria by choosing the function Display users and choosing Execute Object. Then go back and adjust your selection criteria as required.

  3. In the DBMS Role Selection section, select the DBMS roles you want to assign or remove.

    You can select the DBMS roles directly or select the roles assigned to a particular user. Selecting the roles from a particular user is useful when you want to copy the role assignments of one user to another.

  4. Choose the role maintenance operation.
    • To assign the roles you selected, choose Assign DBMS roles.

    • To remove the role assignments for the roles you selected, choose Remove DBMS roles.

  5. Choose Execute Object.