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User Maintenance: Mass Changes (transaction SU10), enables you to perform most of the changes that you can make for individual users in User Maintenance (transaction SU01), but for many users at once. You can change logon data, company address, defaults, parameters, roles, profiles, groups, and licensing data.

The mass change functions apply to all users displayed in the selection screen unless you select a subset.

Table 1: Mass Maintenance Functions



Select users

Used to select a set of users that have a particular characteristic with the User Information System. You can then process this set of users with the other mass maintenance functions.

  1. Choose the Address, Authorization Data, or Logon Data pushbutton.

  2. Enter selection criteria.

  3. Select users in the result list and choose Transfer.

    You have transferred a subset of the users that exist in the system to mass maintenance and can now process these with the other mass maintenance functions.

Create users

  1. Enter user names in the User column.

  2. Choose (Create).

  3. Enter data as required. Enter data similar to User Maintenance (transaction SU01).


    You cannot assign individual passwords when you create multiple users at the same time. The system generates the initial passwords automatically and displays them in the mass changes log.

  4. Save your entries.

Change users

  1. Select users.

  2. Choose (Change).

  3. Enter data as required.

    • You must choose the Change checkbox in the Address, Logon Data and Parameters tabs for each field that you want to change. In this way, you can ensure that your changes, such as the deletion of the contents of a field are accepted for the corresponding fields.

    • When changing role and profile assignments, you must set the Add or Remove option.

  4. Save your entries.

Delete users

  1. Select users.

  2. Choose (Delete).

Lock or unlock users

  1. Select users.

  2. Choose (Lock) or (Unlock).


The system only locks or unlocks users if it is allowed in the current system. If the system is in a Central User Administration (CUA) landscape, only the central system may be able to lock and unlock the user.

Mass Changes Log

After every mass change, the system shows who made which changes in which system at what time. You can print the log or save it to a file.

Special Features for Central User Administration

If you make mass changes from the central CUA system, profiles and roles are displayed system-dependently.