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Changes in Behavior When DBMS User Management is ActiveLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you enable the synchronization between user management of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) ABAP and the user management of a database management system some functions of user management work differently.

When you customize an ABAP client for DBMS user management, user management activities change as listed in the following table.

Activity Behavior

Creating users

SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP uses the user ID and initial password you entered for the DBMS user by default. You can override these entries.


If you enter lowercase letters (a-z), User Maintenance (transaction SU01) converts lowercase letters to uppercase letters (A-Z).

Changing users

Changes to the ABAP user do not effect the DBMS user with the following exceptions:

  • Administrative lock

    Locking or unlocking the ABAP user locks or unlocks the DBMS user.

  • Initial password

    As the administrator, you set the initial passwords independently. Users change their own passwords in the separate password change facilities of the different systems.

You cannot change the DBMS user mapped to the ABAP user directly. You must delete the DBMS user assignment and save before you can assign an existing DBMS user.

Deleting users

SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP deletes the DBMS user with the ABAP user.

Mass maintenance

Use the RSUSR_DBMS_USERS report to perform mass maintenance of users on SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and a DBMS. Mass Maintenance (transaction SU10) does not support the creation or maintenance of DBMS users.