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This tab page is only displayed if you are using Secure Network Communications (SNC). It contains the following fields:

SNC Name

The SNC name is the user name from SAP Single Sign-On or the external security product that you copy from there and either enter in this field or in table USRACL. A unique, that is a canonical SNC Name is also generated for storage in the database.

Allow password logon for SAP GUI (user-specific)

This indicator only has an effect when secure network communication (SNC) has been enabled and password logon over SAP GUI is allowed for specific users. For this condition to apply, you must set the following profile parameters:

  • snc/enable = 1
  • snc/accept_insecure_gui = U

The SNC Status indicates the status of these profile parameters.

If the profile parameters are set as described above, use this indicator to determine whether the user is forced to log on with their SNC name or not.

By default, Allow password logon for SAPGUI is not selected, meaning the user can only log on with their SNC name, provided a mapping exists between the SNC name and the user account.

When Allow password logon for SAPGUI is selected, the system allows the user to log on without their SNC name, using user ID and password. If the system receives an SNC name and a mapping exists for that user, the user can still log on securely, even if logon with password is allowed.

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