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Some properties apply to all security policies of the user management engine (UME). You cannot set these global properties for an individual security policy using the Security Policy tab. Instead, use the configuration expert mode as described in Editing UME Properties Online .




Set password change wait time.

Number of days for which the user cannot change his or her password after a successful password change. The default setting is 0.


Set advance notification of password expiration.

Period in days for advance notification before the password expires and the user is forced to change the password. Possible values are:

  • 0: Notification deactivated.

  • x: Where x is the number of days for the notification period. This value must be lower than the Password Validity Period described in Configuring the Security Policy for User ID and Passwords .


    Validity period: 90 days; notification: 15 days

    Figure 1: Example: Expiration Notification

    The notification message is displayed in the Logon Application after the user logs on with credentials.