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Requesting an OAuth 2.0 Access Token with an ABAP TransactionLocate this document in the navigation structure

For end users to be able to verify whether they can access the service provider API, they must create an OAuth 2.0 access token for their service provider. To do this, use the transaction OA2C_GRANT.


Perform the following steps:


  1. Open SAP GUI.
  2. Start the transaction OA2C_GRANT.
  3. Select the OAuth 2.0 client you configured earlier.
  4. Choose Request OAuth 2.0 Tokens.
    The AS ABAP sends an access token request to the service provider. End users are prompted to authenticate at their user accounts with the service provider. The service provider might ask the OAuth 2.0 client to authorize against the respective application that is referenced by the OAuth 2.0 scope.
  5. Confirm the authorization.
    A green indicator in the Access Status column tells you that an access token and a refresh token have been issued, and access to the application is thus allowed.