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 Distributing the Organizational Management Model (Initial Distribution)Locate this document in the navigation structure


Perform the following steps in order with report RHALEINI:

  1. Make a preselection of the data to be distributed on the selection screen of the report.
  2. The report automatically filters the data with the filters defined in the distribution model.
  3. The report automatically filters the data with the outbound filter of the Customizing exit.
  4. The report distributes the data that has been selected to the receiving system.
  1. Start the report RHALEINI with transaction SA38.
  2. Enter the following data:
    Field Value

    Plan variant


    Object type


    Object ID

    Relevant HR structure

    Evaluation period


    Evaluation value

    O-S-P Staff assignments along organizational structure

    With this path you can choose the data that is relevant for user administration.

    Transfer mode


    This mode inserts the data to be distributed by overwriting

    Receiver Partner Number

    Logical name of the receiving system

  3. Choose Execute.