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Deleting an OAuth 2.0 Client IDLocate this document in the navigation structure


To prevent a particular cloud application from being able to access resources in AS ABAP, delete the respective OAuth 2.0 client ID. Proceed as follows:


  1. Start the OAuth 2.0 administration by calling transaction SOAUTH2.
  2. Choose Delete.
  3. Confirm the popup.
    Note An OAuth 2.0 client ID name corresponds to an SAP system user name. The deletion does not delete the SAP system user. You can still find the user of the deleted client ID in the F4 help for the OAuth 2.0 Client ID column in the OAuth 2.0 administration. You can add it again at any time.


You have removed the respective OAuth 2.0 client from the list of client IDs. The corresponding cloud application is no longer able to access resources in the AS ABAP.