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The SAML test application is configured as described in Setting Up the SAML Test Application .

  1. If your Web browser is open, then close it and reopen it to reset the user context.
  2. Access the source site ( http<s>://<host>:<port>/samlssodemo_source/source ).
  3. When asked for user authentication, enter the user ID and password that you provided as the source site user. (If you used the default information in the set up application, then this user ID is SAML_SOURCE with a password abcd1234 .)

    The authentication to the source site is only required to protect access to the test application. It is not part of the SAML protocol. You must manually enter the data to be used for creating the SAML assertion within the source site application.

  4. In the SAML SSO Demo Application Source Site page, enter the user's external ID and an authentication method. Also adjust the destination URL if necessary.
  5. Choose Execute .

The test application's source site saves the information you entered in an assertion. The source site then contacts the destination site, which in turn contacts the test application's responder (/saml/responder ). The SAML login module in the destination site's login module stack obtains the SAML assertion that was saved and, if possible, logs the user on to the AS Java.

The destination site application confirms that the logon process used SAML by showing data that describes the authentication process that took place at the source site.