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Personalizing Users or RolesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Applications should set their own user or role-specific data themselves, but you can predefine application-specific settings with the user or role maintenance applications.


The opportunity to create personalization objects provides a framework for application development with which you can save user or role-dependent data for an application.


  1. Decide to personalize user or role data.
    • To perform personalization for a user, start User Maintenance (transaction SU01).

    • To perform personalization for a role, start Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

  2. Enter the role or user name and choose Change (Change)
  3. Choose the Personalization tab.
  4. Select the row with the personalization object and choose Change values (Change values).

    A dialog box for entering default values appears.

  5. Enter the required data.
  6. Save your entries.