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Creating an Enhancement Spot Implementation for Service Provider ValuesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Implement an enhancement spot for the parameter values of your new service provider type.



  1. Open SAP GUI.
  2. Start the object navigator (transaction SE80).
  3. Choose the package SOAUTH2_CLIENT_EXTENSIONS.
  4. Extend the Enhancements tree
  5. Choose the enhancement spot OA2C_CONFIG_EXTENSION and call the context menu.
  6. Choose Implement.
  7. Enter the enhancement implementation with a description and choose (Creation of Enhancement).
  8. When the popup Create BAdI Implementation appears, choose the BAdI definition OA2C_CONFIG_EXTENSION_BADI_DEF.
  9. Enter the implementation class ZCL_OA2C_CE_Z<service_provider>.
  10. Define the BAdI implementation ZCL_OA2C_CE_Z<service_provider> by choosing Continue.

    Do not forget to enter the suitable filter value for the configuration extension BAdI using the method IF_OA2C_SPECIFICS~GET_CONFIG_EXTENSION.