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Applications or services can establish connections to other services. When using such connections, you need to specify the remote service’s address and the user authentication information to use for the connection. Many applications use the Destination service for this purpose.

The Destination service supports the following types of destinations:




Not all applications use the Destination service. Some applications have their own connection maintenance tools. For example, you configure the connection information for the RFC Adapter in the Integration Server. Therefore, make sure you make the connection configuration in the correct location.


In earlier releases, you also maintained logon data for Web services in the Destination service. These are now maintained in the logical ports for the Web service. For more information, see Authentication.


The Destination service uses the Secure Storage service on the AS Java to store security-relevant information such as passwords.

You can use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to secure HTTP connections. In this case, the corresponding keys and public-key certificates are stored in keystore entries in the Key Storage service.

You can use Secure Network Communications (SNC) to secure RFC connections to ABAP systems. In this case, you must use SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On or an external security product to provide the protection.

For more information, see Transport Layer Security on the AS Java.


        If you use SNC to secure RFC connections, then SAP NetWeaver Single Sign on or the external security product used is installed on the AS Java. See Installing the SAP Cryptographic Library on the AS Java.

        The Destination, Secure Storage and Key Storage services must be running when an application or service requests access to its secure storage area.


For administrating the destinations, select the Destinations service in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

For information about maintaining destinations, see:

      Maintaining HTTP Destinations

      Maintaining RFC Destinations


For more information about using the Destination service in your applications, see The Destination Service API.



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