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These parameters specify information about the source site when the server is the destination site.

To maintain these settings in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, go to Configuration Management SecurityTrusted Systems SAML Browser/Artifact Profile Inbound Partners .

Parameters for Partner Information (PartnersInbound)

Parameter Corresponding Configuration Option Value Comment



<true, false>

Boolean value.

Indicates that requests are accepted from this partner.

Set to false to deny requests coming from this partner. In this way, you can deactivate partners without affecting the communication with other partners.


Destination for Callback


String value.

The name of the HTTP destination that is used for the connection to the source site's responder.


URL Parameter for Target


String value.

The parameter name used in the URL that indicates the actual target URL when using an artifact receiver (default= TARGET ).

You only need to change the value of this parameter if the request uses an URL parameter different to the standard value and is sent to the artifact receiver. For example, this is the case if an external product uses SAML to access a resource hosted by SAP NetWeaver


Request Version


String value.

The supported versions of SAML include 1.0 and 1.1



Source ID




String value.

  • 20-byte sequence provided by the source site.

If you accept artifacts from multiple source sites, you must ensure that the source IDs are distinct so that the SAML service can uniquely identify the source site with its source ID.

According to the SAML specification, the determination of source IDs and the communication of those between the systems involved in the SAML authentication process is executed out-of-band.