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Function documentation Troubleshooting for Runtime Errors FPRUNX001, 002, and 004 Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You want to display a PDF-based print form. However, the system displays the runtime error FPRUNX001, FPRUNX002, or FPRUNX004 when the generated function module is called. You can use the troubleshooting options to find out the cause of the error.


You are provided with various function modules for troubleshooting purposes. You can use these function modules to extract the following information:

·        Texts about the cause of the error (with the FP_GET_LAST_ADS_ERRSTR function module)

·        A trace of the Adobe document services (with the FP_GET_LAST_ADS_TRACE function module)


To perform the troubleshooting actions, call the function modules in your application program.

Troubleshooting Texts


       1.      Call the function module FP_GET_LAST_ADS_ERRSTR after the generated function module.

       2.      FP_GET_LAST_ADS_ERRSTR gives you a text that indicates the cause of the error.



       1.      To activate the trace output, set the ADSTRLEVEL field in the IE_OUT_OUTPARAMS parameter (type SFPOUTPUTPARAMS) of the FP_JOB_OPEN function module to values between 01 and 10.

       2.      Call the function module FP_GET_LAST_ADS_TRACE after the generated function module.

       3.      FP_GET_LAST_ADS_TRACE gives you the trace.



Read the SAP Note 717568 on the SAP Service Marketplace at service.sap.com/notes. This note gives you precise and up-to-date information about how to proceed when troubleshooting.


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