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Once the agent in the utility company has completed the campaign planning, he/she can start the execution. The agent can transfer the campaign to an SAP project, in order to carry out the cost control. Once the campaign has been transferred, it appears in the system as a project and is available there as an account project.

The campaign can then be executed via the selected communication channel.

When executing the campaign as a bill supplement in SAP IS-U, print action records are generated in SAP IS-U after the execution is started. These print action records are then included within various form classes during form creation.

Process Flow

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       1.      The agent in the utility company releases a campaign in SAP CRM, in which he/she sets the campaign status to Released.

       2.      The system transfers the campaign to SAP IS-U.

       3.      SAP R/3 CO/PS receives the marketing hierarchy.

       4.      The agent plans the campaign management. For example, he/she determines the channel over which the campaign is to be carried out.

       5.      When executing the campaign in SAP CRM, the interaction channel must be specified. The bill supplement in SAP IS-U can be selected as the channel. This means that the form creation in SAP IS-U is enhanced by marketing information.


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