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Function documentationCreation of a Product Bundle for FS Quotations


You use product bundles to group together independent products for marketing and price reasons and sell them together under one name in a business transaction. In the business transaction, the system displays the individual products of a product bundle as separate items.

You can use product bundles with FS quotations. For more information about FS quotations, see Financial Services Quotation.


For each transaction type, you have defined the date rule to be used by the system to explode the time-dependent settings of a product bundle in the business transaction.

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  • You can create a product bundle with the following product types:

    • Financial service product (FS product)

      Note Note

      A separate category for product bundles is also available for the product type FS Product. The advantage of this is that a product of the category Product Bundle does not contain any controlling fields other than the components of the bundle.

      End of the note.
    • Financing product

  • You can add products of every product type to a product bundle. For the product bundle, you create references to the products that belong to the bundle.

    To avoid multi-level hierarchies, you cannot assign any other product bundles to a product bundle. In addition, you cannot assign products as bundle components to a product that is the component of a product bundle.

  • You can limit the time period for which a product belongs to a product bundle by using the settings Valid From and Valid To. You can therefore define the composition of a product bundle in advance.

    Example Example

    In January, you create the Young Account product bundle, which between March 1 and June 1 contains a credit card with special conditions as well as a current account.

    End of the example.
  • You can define that a product is a required element of a product bundle.

    If you mark a product in a product bundle as Mandatory, you cannot delete this item in the business transaction.

  • You can define that a product is a standard element of the product bundle. When the system explodes the product bundle in the business transaction, it displays these products in the document.

    In the business transaction, you can subsequently add products that are not standard to the product bundle.

    Note Note

    If you define a product as a required element of a product bundle, you must also set the Default indicator for the product.

    End of the note.
  • You can use sorting to determine the sequence in which the system displays the products of the product bundle in the business transaction. It makes sense to define the main element of the product bundle, for example the loan, as the first item.

  • You can group together the products of a product bundle and classify elements of the same kind by using a group term.

    You can use the group term in rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF).

    In the business transaction, the system explodes a product bundle in one step, regardless of the grouping.


  • To create a product bundle for a FS quotation, create an FS product with the category Product Bundle. Choose Relationships and then Product Bundle.

  • Enter the required products for the product bundle in the Product Bundle area.

    Note Note

    To display the product bundles in which a product is contained, choose the In Product Bundle area.

    End of the note.


Product bundle for real estate financing




Mortgage loan (self-financed)



Mortgage loan (externally financed)

not applicable

not applicable

Collateral agreement: group lien

not applicable


Collateral agreement: guarantee

not applicable

not applicable

Real estate



If you create a FS quotation for a customer for this product bundle, the system automatically explodes the following items:

  • Mortgage loan (self-financed)

  • Collateral agreement: group lien

  • Real estate

You cannot delete the mortgage loan (self-financed) and real estate products because they are required elements of the product bundle. However, you can add further components of the product bundle to the FS quotation.