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Procedure documentationAdding Reusable Tables


You can reuse existing tables for other enhanced business objects. The tables can be reused in business objects that are based on the same table enhancement place.

Using the Same Enhancement Place

If a reusable table is based on the same enhancement place, no new enhancement is created. The reused enhancement is activated in the business object in which this enhancement is reused. Reusing a table in other enhancement places is not supported.


There are applications that require that you activate a business function to make these functions for table enhancements available. For more information, see SAP Note 1448299Information published on SAP site.

You have enabled the configuration mode in the general settings on the central personalization page of the WebClient UI.


  1. Start the WebClient UI and select the application where you have created a field that you want to reuse.

  2. Start the page configuration in the application.

  3. Choose theDisplay Enhancements pushbutton.

  4. Select one enhanced object, if several enhanced objects are available.

Adding a Reusable Table to the Current Enhanced Business Object
  1. Click Add Reusable Table in the Tables block to check which reusable tables are available.

  2. Select a table and add it to the enhanced object.

Adding a Reusable Table to Different Enhanced Business Objects
  1. Open the Table Details dialog box of the table that you want to reuse.

  2. Expand the Reused in Object assignment block.

  3. Select the indicator Active for all object parts where you want to reuse the table.

  4. Close the window and choose the Save and Generate pushbutton.


You can now add the table to the UI configuration of the overview pages of the new business objects.


You have created a table in the sales order header. You want to add this table to the service order header. Both business objects are based on the same enhancement place ORDER_ADMINH_TABLE. If you reuse this table in the service order header, it is activated for the service order in this enhancement place.