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Function documentationReport Areas for Interactive Reports


SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) provides report areas defined according to business areas for CRM interactive reporting. When creating interactive reports, you use these report areas as a source for the area-specific fields that you can combine to form a report.


You have set up CRM interactive reporting. For more information, see Interactive Reporting in CRM.

To use the following report areas, you must activate the business function SAP BusinessObjects Integration and CRM Interactive Reporting (CRM_ANA_BOB).

  • Quotations

  • Sales orders

  • Sales contracts

  • Interaction records

  • Opportunities/sales orders

  • Service orders

  • Requests for change

  • Problems

  • Service requests

  • Complaints

To use the following report area, you must also activate the business function Interactive Reporting: Report Area for Sales Agreement (CRM_ANA_SLSAGR).

  • Sales Agreement


The report areas in SAP CRM encompass all characteristics and key figures that are available for a particular area. For example, in the report area Sales Orders, you find fields such as Sold-To Party, Sales Organization, or Number of Open Items. In other words, all fields that you might require for reports about sales orders. Furthermore, the report areas allow you to define which fields can be used as filters and which fields enable navigation to the corresponding overview page.

Each report area is based on a particular query. Below you can find an overview of the available report areas and the queries on which the report areas are based:

More Information

For more information, see Creating Interactive Reports in CRM