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Procedure documentationDefining Write Variant for CRM_LEAS


The write program for the CRM_LEAS archiving object is CRM_ARC_LEAS_SAVE.

The following selection parameters are available for this write program:



Transaction type

You can enter the transaction type for the objects that you want to archive, e.g. BKQ1 for banking customer quotes or BKC1 for banking sales contracts.

Transaction number

You can enter the business partners for which you want to archive the banking customer quotes.

Changed at

An additional selection option.

Test Mode/ Production Mode

If you select the Test Mode option, the system runs the program in test mode and does not update the data.

Detail Log/ Log Output

The log contains messages about the write program results. You can choose to display the complete log, the log without success messages, or no detail log.


To define the write variant:

  1. Use transaction SARA to start Archive Administration..

  2. Enter the archiving object CRM_LEAS and choose Write.

  3. Enter a name for the variant and choose Maintain.

  4. Enter the values for the selection parameters and choose Attributes . You are in the Variant Attributes dialog box.

  5. Define the attributes and save the variant.

You can use transaction AOBJ to customize the settings for the delete program of an archiving object (for more information, see the Customizing Settings section in transaction AOBJ).

The delete program for the CRM_LEAS archiving object is CRM_ARC_LEAS_DELETE.

In the Customizing Settings section in transaction AOBJ, you define the Start Automatically option for the delete program as follows:

  • If you select the option, the system starts the delete program entered in transaction AOBJ automatically as a background job after the completion of the write program. Therefore, you do not need to schedule the delete program manually from the transaction SARA.

  • If you do not select the option, the write program cannot perform the data destruction action (ILM action) completely. In this case, the system only writes the database entries to the archive file. To complete the ILM action, you must start the delete program manually from SARA.