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Procedure documentationDefining and Executing a New Mass Change Procedure for Background Execution


This processing mode permits you to specify a date and time when the mass change procedure is executed. You typically specify background execution if the number of changes to be made is large and online execution might result in time delays.

For example, you can schedule background execution overnight or on the weekend, when there are no employees present in the office.

Note Note

Background execution does not allow you to preview the changes. Any modification made by way of background execution is saved automatically.

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  1. If you wish to load a mass change template, specify it in the Template ID field.

  2. In the Background Execution field, select Yes.

    The system displays the steps of the mass change procedure in the Procedure Overview assignment block.

  3. Choose the Select IPs step, and specify the criteria of the IPs you wish to change:

    • The selection criteria appears in the Select IP Header assignment block.

    • The search results appear in the Result assignment block.

    • For more information on using the search, see Search Tool for the Select Step

    Note Note

    In mass change procedures configured for background execution, you cannot exclude individual IPs in subsequent steps by deselecting them (like you can for online execution) – all search results are subject to the subsequent steps. If your search results do not provide the specific IPs on which you need to make changes, you need to start the search over.

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  4. Move to the next step.

    Alternatively, if no additional step is available, select New and specify the required node and operation. For example, if you wish to add a new rights scope, select Rights Scope in the Node field, and select Add in the Operation field.

    Depending on the operation and node associated with the step, different assignment blocks appear beneath, allowing you to specify additional details associated with the step:

    • The form view assignment block displays the details of the operation to apply. For example, if you are adding a rights group, the system displays fields were you can specify the details of the rights group to add.

      Note Note

      If you choose a Delete step for any item, the system does not display a form view assignment block

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    • The list view assignment block is applicable only for procedures configured for online execution – it typically displays the corresponding IP nodes on which the operation is to be applied.

  5. Make your specifications for the step in the form view assignment block.

    Note Note

    You must make at least one specification in the form view assignment block. If you do not, the step status will not change to Ready for Execution (identified by the green square next to the step number) and the Execute in Background button (see next step), will not be active

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  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have made all the required specifications for the procedure.

  7. When you are finished, select Execute in Background. The Schedule Job dialog box appears.

    Specify the following information and select the Start button:

    • Whether the procedure is to start immediately or later

    • The start date and time, if you indicate that the procedure is to start later

    Note Note

    The Execute in Background button is only available if all the steps of the mass change procedure have the step status Ready for Execution (identified by the green square next to the step number)

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  8. To view the results of mass change procedures carried out by way of background execution, you can refer to the mass change log. For more information, see Mass Change Logs.

Notes on Mass Change Procedures Configured for Background Execution

  • You can save the mass change procedure as a mass change template.

  • If changes are made to the IPs between the time of the mass change procedure definition and the scheduled run, the search results obtained during the run might be different.

    Example Example

    During the definition of a mass change procedure, execution of a Select IPs step produces 10 results. Between the time you define this procedure and the scheduled run, you modify an IP such that this object also appears in the search results during the scheduled run (that is, 11 results are obtained when the Select IPs step is executed).

    End of the example.