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Function documentationDashboard Assignment Wizard


In SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you can use the dashboard assignment wizard to publish SAP HANA Live dashboards and assign them to the selected business roles and their work centers.

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  • The step 3 (Business Role Assignment) of the dashboard assignment wizard is disabled by default.

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  • To use this function, you must activate the business function Embedded Interactive Reporting and SAP HANA Live Reporting Analytics (CRM_EMBED_IR_ANA_UI).

  • You require the business role Analytics Professional (ANALYTICSPRO) to publish dashboards in the SAP CRM system, and to manage them. You can publish dashboards for business roles such as Sales Professional (SALESPRO), Marketing Professional (MARKETINGP), Service Professional (SERVICEPRO).


Choose Dashboard Assignment to start the wizard and proceed as follows:

  1. In the first step (Dashboard Details), enter the following details:

    • The Dashboard Type is set to Embedded SAP HANA Live Dashboard by default.

    • Specify the technical name (ID) of the dashboard. You can use the input help to search for the available dashboards. Based on the selected dashboard ID, the Title and Description fields are updated.

  2. In the second step (Target Screen Assignment) of the wizard, you define the business role for which you want to embed the SAP HANA Live dashboard:

    • Click Insert to add a business role.

    • Choose a business role, for example SALESPRO. You can use the input help to search for available roles.

    • In the list of available target screens for the selected business role, select the page or target screen in which you want the SAP HANA Live dashboard to appear.

    • Select the Unassign checkbox to remove the embedding of the SAP HANA Live dashboard from the target screen.

    If you do not want to embed the dashboard, you can skip to step 4.

  3. In the fourth step (Share Dashboard), you can share the report for certain users or organizational units:

    • Choose Add Employee to search for employees and add them to the authorized employee list.

    • Choose Add Employees from Organization to search for organizational units and add them to the authorized employee list.

      If you do not want to share the dashboard, you can skip this step.

    Choose Save. You can also save the assignment of a report to a business role without sharing it for certain users.

After you publish the dashboard, launch the CRM WebClient UI again using the business role that you defined in the second step (Target Screen Assignment) of the wizard. Perform the following tasks in the WebClient UI:

  • On the home page or report work center page, click the Personalize icon.

  • Choose the Embedded SAP HANA Live Dashboard and save the personalization changes. The dashboard published for the selected role is displayed.

  • To personalize the dashboard display, click the Personalization button under the Embedded SAP HANA Live Dashboard. You personalize the dashboards using the following settings:

    • Show or Hide dashboard details: Enables you show or hide dashboard details view set.

    • Show or Hide Full screen buttons: Enables you to show or hide full screen button mode.

More Information

For more information about SAP HANA Live reporting for SAP CRM, see CRM SAP HANA Live Reporting.

For more information about the structure and possibilities of CRM reporting, see Analytics.

For more information about how to embed SAP HANA Live dashboard in the home page and specific work centers, see SAP Note 1989839Information published on SAP site.