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Object documentationBanking Sales Contract


A sales agreement that contains standard and special conditions of banking products and services negotiated between the bank and its customer.

To use this object, you must activate business function CRM-FS, Guided Loan Origination Process (CRM_FS_NBRNWL_1).


A banking sales contract contains the details of the offer signed between the bank and the customer. These include information about the parties involved (for example borrower or co-borrower), loan details, the sales product, pricing and payment conditions, payment schedule, and references to the related operational contracts.

A banking sales contract is based on the business transaction type BKC1 (Banking Sales Contract).

You must assign the transaction type for the banking sales contract to the related transaction type of the banking customer quote in Customizing for Account Origination under Start of the navigation path Banking Sales Contract Next navigation step Assign Banking Sales Contract to Banking Customer Quote End of the navigation path.

In an account origination scenario, banking sales contracts are created during the onboarding process for the agreed loan. This is a process that involves the creation or update of the operational back-end objects for the loan contract, or the collateral constellation, for example.

In SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), you can search for and display banking sales contracts.


In comparison to banking customer quotes, banking sales contracts contain only a selective number of financial services related assignment blocks. The details of the product item, for example, contain assignment blocks for product variants and references.

The details of a product variant item contain, for example, assignment blocks for the product variant details, settlement conditions, payment conditions, payment key figures, and the payment plan.

The references contain the IDs of related operational contracts. Related operational contracts can be contracts of the following object types:

  • 472 (loan contract )

  • 476 (collateral agreement)

  • 1189 (individual valuable)

In addition to the operational references, the banking sales contract also contains a reference to the quotation (header as well as item) in the transaction history.

Note Note

Details such as PFS ratio or collateral constellation (as in banking customer quotes) are not available in banking sales contracts.

End of the note.

More Information

For more information about the enterprise services that create a banking sales contract, see Banking Sales Contract Processing.

For more information about the process object types used in the loan onboarding process, see the documentation for the connected account-managing system.