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Procedure documentationAdditional Characteristics as Filter Fields


If you enhance interactive reports with standard SAP fields (see Interactive Reporting Enhancement Workbench), and want to use added characteristics as filter fields, you must create and assign CRM filter fields. You can directly use added key figures as filter fields.

Proceed as follows for characteristics:

  1. First determine the technical name (ID) of the characteristic.

    You can find the ID when you create an interactive report in the report area that you have enhanced with the additional characteristic. In step 2 of the wizard for creating interactive reports, selection lists with the fields are displayed. Choose Show Technical Details to display the technical name (ID) of the fields.

  2. Define a new CRM filter field. To do so, edit the view Filter Field Properties (CRMVC_OR_FILTER_FIELDS) in the system, using View Cluster Maintenance (transaction SM34).

    1. Select New Entries.

    2. Give the CRM filter field a (technical) name that has not yet been used.

    3. Define the filter field properties. When defining the Control Type, restrict yourself to one of the following options:

      • Input field

      • Date picker

      • Time picker

      • Checkbox item

      Leave the filter field properties F4 Help Kind and F4 Help Attribute undefined.

    4. Save the newly defined CRM filter field.

    5. Define the allowed operators:

      1. Select the CRM filter field in the list of Filter Field Properties, and select Allowed Operators for Fields.

      2. Select New Entries.

      3. Define the Operator, in connection with the Value Type that you have defined in the filter properties. Use the input help to select an operator as follows:

        • One of the EQ combinations (allowed for all fields)

        • BT DATE, LT DATE, or GT DATE, only allowed for date fields (these fields have 8 places)

  3. Finally, assign the additional characteristic to the CRM filter field that you defined in step 2. To do, use View Cluster Maintenance (transaction SM34) once more:

    1. Edit view InfoType (A-Version) (CRM_OR_INFOTYPE).

    2. Under InfoType (A-Version), select the report area that you have enhanced with the additional characteristic, for example report area Activities.

    3. Select Map BI InfoObject to CRM Fields. The list of the existing field assignments in, for example, report area Activities, is displayed.

    4. Select New Entries to create a new assignment.

    5. For BW InfoObject Name, enter the technical name (ID) of the additional characteristic (see step 1).

    6. For CRM Filter Field, enter the technical name of the CRM filter field that you defined in step 2.

    7. Leave all other entries for the assignment undefined.

    8. Save the assignment.

  4. The additional standard SAP characteristic is now available as a filter field.