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Object documentationSerial Number Processing in Service


Technical name: CRM_SERIALNUM

Set type containing a control indicator for serial number processing.


This set type is used for serial number processing in service processes. The control indicator is used to ensure consistent material movements where serial numbers are involved, and where such processes are triggered in SAP CRM and occur in SAP ECC.

The set type CRM_SERIALNUM contains the attribute SERIALNO_PROCESSING (Serial Number Processing). It can have the following values, which determine how serial number processing is handled in SAP CRM:

  • 0 Default Value

  • 1 Entries Possible, but no Check Against Master Data

  • 2 Check in CRM Against Object

  • 3 Check in CRM Against Object and Serial Number

  • 4 Check in ERP Against Serial Number

The value can be entered manually or downloaded from SAP ECC. When materials are downloaded from SAP ECC, a check is performed to see if serial number profiles are assigned to the material/plant combination. If any of them require serial numbers as mandatory information in material movements, the indicator value is set to 4.

If serial numbers are also transferred from SAP ECC to SAP CRM, the initial check can be made against objects. In this case it is advisable to change the value from 4 to 3.

The indicator value 1 allows you to record individual parts involved in the processes, but without any further checks.

The indicator value 2 is suitable for situations where individual parts exist in SAP CRM as objects, but a possible integration with SAP ECC is not taken into consideration.

The set type CRM_SERIALNUM is not assigned to a category when material categories (DNL_CUST_PROD1) are downloaded. A manual step is therefore required prior to the download in which this set type is assigned explicitly to the relevant categories, for example MAT_HAWA. For more information, see Note 824780.