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Function documentationLoans: Age of Applicant


You use the Age of Applicant set type (CRM_PROD_FS001) to specify that you want to sell a financial service product (FS product) to customers of a certain age group only.


  • You can define the permitted age of the applicant for the FS product. You can enter a:

    • Minimum age (lower limit)

    • Maximum age (upper limit)

    • Age range

  • When you use the FS product in the business transaction, the system adopts the age limit settings from the master data. You cannot change the settings in the business transaction in the standard system.

    Note Note

    A rule stored in the Business Rule Framework (BRF) checks in the business transaction whether the age of the customer matches the settings in the product master. For more information, see Business Rule Framework in Account Origination.

    End of the note.


A student loan for students between the ages of 19 and 27. A customer who is 35 years old cannot take out this loan.