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Background documentationTechnical Data of CRM_LEAS


In the write program of the CRM_LEAS archiving object, you can select the archivable objects using the following parameters:

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction number

  • Changed at

When you run the write program of the CRM_LEAS archiving object, the system displays the following data in the log:

  • The Log (Summary) section displays the success message, the number of the archived objects, and an example for an archived data object. Depending on the log options selected on the screen, the log provides information about the execution result.

  • The Detail Log displays the individual object IDs and a success message.

    The write program issues an error message if it does not find any archivable records. The write program may also issue error messages related to ADK or any other data archiving framework.

The log output depends on the parameter Detail Log on the selection screen of the write program.

The number of records output by the system to the log and the size of the archive file created depends on the number of records eligible for destruction.

Note Note

A quotation or sales contract can have multiple records. The system denotes the objects by the following key fields:

  • MANDT Client

  • CRMT_OBJECT_GUID GUID of a CRM Order Object

End of the note.