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Function documentationRights Maintenance in Intellectual Property


Rights to an IP are described in the product using the Rights Owned, Rights Owned (Granting Ref.), Release Dates and Release Restrictions components.

  • Rights Owned

    You record the rights to an IP that your company owns or that you represent as rights owned. These rights owned are not dependent on whether rights have been released for sale or have already been sold.

  • Rights Owned with a Granting Reference

    If you need to make a reference to the license acquisition contract from where the rights were acquired, you create a rights owned with granting reference. The granting reference allows you or the system to identify the acquisition contract to which the consumed rights belong. You cannot manually maintain a rights owned with granting reference. Instead you trigger the system to generate the rights based on the rights information specified in the license acquisition contract.

  • Release Dates

    Release Dates describe the release dates for certain sections of the rights cube for sales purposes. Release dates can differ for individual markets and territories

  • Release Restrictions

    Release Restrictions describe the restrictions to the release of certain sections of the rights cube for sales purposes

For each of the individual components you maintain the rights using rights scopes. A rights scope is a combination of one or more defined rights groups that share the same header data. The header data can include the validity, exclusivity, and option data. A rights scope has a description to explain the corresponding rights.


A rights scope includes the following data:

  • One or more rights groups

  • Description for the rights scope

  • Validity period (Valid From and Valid To dates)

Depending on where a rights scope is used, it can contain different attributes. For example, a rights scope within the rights owned of an intellectual property (IP) has the following additional attributes:

  • Valid From

  • Valid To

  • Exclusivity type

  • Option

  • Option Date From

  • Option Date To