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Procedure documentationChanging Existing Fields


After the initial generation, you can change existing fields that you created using the Application Enhancement Tool.


You have enabled the configuration mode in the general settings on the central personalization page of the WebClient UI.


  1. Start the WebClient UI and select the application with the existing field.

  2. Start the view configuration in the application.

  3. Choose the Display Enhancements pushbutton.

  4. Select an enhanced object, if several enhanced objects are available.

  5. Click the hyperlink in the Enhancement ID field to enter the field details.

    Note Note

    You can also choose the Edit List pushbutton in the Fields block, to change an existing field.

    End of the note.
  6. Change the field. You can change the following settings:

    • Field label

    • Custom dropdown list, assigned search help, and assigned check table. A combination of all three is not allowed in the same field.

    • Search options

    • CRM Mobile, R/3 Adapter, BI reporting, and CRM interactive reporting

    • Translation

  7. Save and generate your data.

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