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  Extraction of Costs or Revenues (Order or Confirmation)

Technical Name: 0CRM_SRVCNF_COSTS

Technical Data

DataSource Type

Transactional Data

Application Components


Available as from OLTP Release

CRM 4.0, R/3 4.6C

Available as from PlugIn Release





A special setting in Customizing has beenmaintained to extract data with the 0CRM_CONF_COSTS DataSource and the corresponding transaction type has been enabled for enhanced cost reporting.

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Maintain this special setting inCustomizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing Start of the navigation path Transactions Next navigation step Settings for Service Transactions Next navigation step Integration Next navigation step Set Up Time Sheet and Controlling Integration Next navigation step [change to R/3 customizing] Next navigation step Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Settings for Service Processing Next navigation step Controlling Integration Next navigation step Establish Controlling Type, Level, and Scenarios End of the navigation path .

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This DataSource enables detailed reporting of costs and revenues for service confirmations and service orders that is independent of the controlling type, such as single controlling, mass controlling, and so on. These key figures are always related to a specific order item.

Data extraction is handled by the function module CRM_BW_CONF_COSTS_GET including the initial upload and delta upload. The data extractor provides:

  • One record for every item, cost element, and accounting indicator. It is possible that sometimes more than one record per item is extracted to the SAP Business Information Warehouse .

  • Header records for every CRM order document that contains cumulated values of costs or revenues for confirmations and service orders.

Delta Update

The DataSource supports additive extraction via the extractor. This means the data records extracted are those that have been added since the last extraction. Currently, all entries are restricted to CRM. In case different applications use the same source table, the specified database view provides records only for the business scenario CRM Service as it is part of the selection.

  • Costs of Confirmations and Service Orders:

    • Changed records are determined via time stamp.

    • If costs are deleted in the source table CRMCO_CONF_COSTS, the key figures of the corresponding record are set to initial. For this, only characteristics (defining the SAP Business Information Warehouse key) are available. Hence, the extractor provides a record with initial values except for key fields. In SAP Business Information Warehouse the initial key figures are updated by overwriting existing records.

  • Revenues of Confirmations and Service Orders:

    • The entry point for the extractor is the table COINT_TPOST_IT containing several records per CRM item divided by posting item. The table COINT_TPOST_IT includes a timestamp with the changed date. Hence, the extractor selects all new (init) or changed (delta) records without any restriction.

    • For cancellation, a new record is added with negative values. Hence, a special deletion handling is not necessary. But, for some technical reasons (for example, mass data change), changes of characteristics in these tables are possible (for example, accounting indicator). This administrative change is determined via a flag field (CHANGED) in both tables COINT_TPOST_IT and COINT_TPOST_HD. The initial upload takes into account all records while the delta upload ignores these records as this would lead to inconsistent values in SAP Business Information Warehouse .

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure

Fields in the Extract Structure

Description of the Field in the Extract Structure




Technical Key of an External Object


Technical Key of an External Object


Business Transaction


Item Category


Business Transaction Type


Object Type for CRM Transaction Type or Item Category


Object Type for CRM Transaction Type or Item Category


Cost element


Controlling Area


Accounting Indicator


Value in controlling area currency


Value in controlling area currency


Controlling area currency


UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)


Posting date in the document

Particular Features of the Extractor

The key figures provided by this DataSource do not include overhead costs. The figures only contain the values that originated in a confirmation and service order. For example, the sum of confirmation costs and revenues in SAP Business Information Warehouse may not be the same as the sum of all actual costs and revenues provided by the DataSource 0CRM_SRV_COSTS (internal orders).