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Function documentationTransfer of Existing Collateral


For a financial service quotation (FS quotation), you can either create new collateral or transfer existing collateral or collateral agreements of the business partner from the connected collateral management system.


  • You have made the necessary settings for the synchronous connection of the collateral management system.

    For more information, see Connection to External Systems Using CRM Middleware.

  • In Customizing, you have assigned assets and collateral agreements to item categories.

    For more information, see Customizing for Start of the navigation path Financial Services Next navigation step Account Origination Next navigation step Financial Service Product (FS Product) Next navigation step Assignment of Assets and Collateral Agreements in Transaction End of the navigation path.


  • To transfer data from the collateral management system, in the FS quotation in the product overview you insert a product of the category that you want to transfer. This is used as a placeholder for the product to be inserted.

    For example, if you want to transfer a collateral object and a collateral agreement, in the product overview you insert a product of the category Collateral Agreement and a Collateral Object.

  • When you transfer a collateral object or a collateral object with an existing collateral agreement from the collateral management system to an FS quotation, the system displays these objects in the FS quotation as items of the corresponding category.

  • You also transfer automatically the relationship between these items (collateral charge).

  • For the objects, the system transfers all relevant data that exists in the collateral management system.

    Caution Caution

    You cannot change the transferred data in the FS quotation.

    End of the caution.