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Function documentationSet Types for Business Transactions


In addition to the set types that you use to describe products in the master data, you can use set types that you can process only in the business transaction. It makes sense to differentiate between these kinds of set types because the set types in the business transaction describe data that defines a product on a customer-specific basis.

The set types that you use in the master data are also integrated in the business transaction. Depending on the set type, you can change the settings from the master data in the business transaction. For more information, see Set Types for Financial Service Products.


  • To select the bank details for the business partner in the business transaction, you have entered this information in the master data for the business partner.

    For more information, see Bank Details.

  • To define a payment method for a loan item in the FS quotation, you have defined the possible payment methods for the relevant countries in Customizing for Financial Services under Start of the navigation path Account Origination Next navigation step Financial Service Quotation (FS Quotation) Next navigation step Define Payment Methods End of the navigation path.

  • To enable the payment method to be distributed from the FS quotation to the connected loan system, you have assigned the payment methods in the connected loan system to the payment methods in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM). For more information, see Customizing for Financial Services under Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Connection of External Systems Next navigation step Asynchronous Next navigation step Connection to Loan Management Next navigation step Assign Payment Methods End of the navigation path.

    In the connected loans management system, you have assigned the payment methods for both systems to each other.


The following set types are not available in the master data of financial service products (FS products); in the standard system, you can edit them only in business transactions:

  • Loan: Payment Schedule (CRM_PROD_FS017)

    This set type shows the payment schedule calculated by the connected loans management system.

    For more information, see Calculation of the Payment Schedule.

  • Loan: Bank Details (CRM_PROD_FS018)

    You use this set type to select the business partner's bank details.

    In the financial service quotation (FS quotation), business partners can exist in different business partner roles. The system uses the following logic to search for the business partner:

    • If the loan item has a different payer, the system adopts this payer's data.

    • If the loan item has a loan recipient, the system adopts this loan recipient's data.

    • If the loan item has neither a different payer nor a loan recipient, the system adopts the sold-to data from the header data of the FS quotation.

      Note Note

      You also enter the customer's payment method in the FS quotation. The payment method is part of pricing. It specifies the method used by a customer to make payments. The payment method is the key for incoming payments, such as repayments.

      End of the note.
      • For payment methods such as debit memo or automatic debit, you must also enter the bank details.

      • You define the payment method based on the country of the loan recipient (partner function category: 0002 Ship-To Party/Service Recipient).

  • Loan:Results (CRM_PROD_FS019)

    This set type displays the result of the effective interest rate calculation. This is the result of the calculation of the payment schedule in the loans management system. In addition to the nominal interest rate, the following values are included in the effective interest rate calculation:

    • Fees

    • Settlement dates

    • Premium/discount

    • Repayment arrangements

  • Collateral Agreement: Agreement Details (CRM_PR_FSCA02)

    This set type defines whether the loan is a real property loan that encumbers several items of real estate simultaneously and to the full investment support amount.

    Caution Caution

    Since SAP CRM transfers the collateral data to the connected collateral management system, you must make sure that your settings in SAP CRM match the settings in the back-end system. For more information about the example configuration of the ContractOrigination and LoanContractOrigination business scenarios, see SAP Solution Manager.

    End of the caution.
  • Real Estate: Object Details (CRM_PR_FSC_02)

    This set type describes the specific data for real estate, such as the residential space or year of construction.

  • Real Estate: Object Location (CRM_PR_FSC_03)

    This set type describes the location and environment of the real estate.

    Note Note

    You can change the assignment of set types in the business transaction or create new set types and integrate these in the business transaction.

    End of the note.