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Configuring the Notification of Failed Logon AttemptsLocate this document in the navigation structure


There is an option to enable notification of failed logon attempts before the user's successful logon (that is, between two successful authentications). For example, this could alert a user to a hacker's attempts to guess his or her password. Or, if the user has misspelled his or her password, he or she will see the message about failed logon attempts the next time he or she successfully logs on.

By default, this option is turned off.


This option is useful for the password authentication scenario. If you are using certificate user authentication in your system or another Single Sign-On mechanism, the notification message is not shown, regardless of the property value. To receive notification based on this property, you need to use the SAP Logon application (even if it is customized) for the password authentication. If the SAP Logon application is customized with an older release of SAP NetWeaver, upgrade the SAP Logon application to the newest release version.


  1. In your Web browser, start SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

    For more information, see Configuring User Management .

  2. Log on with user administration privileges
  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Authentication and Single Sign-On Next navigation step Authentication Next navigation step Properties End of the navigation path.
  4. Choose Modify .

    The properties become editable.

  5. Select or deselect the option Enable showing notification for failed login attempts (ume.logon.show_failed_login_attempts) . By default, this option is deselected.