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Object documentationSales: Control Fields, Quantities


Technical name: CRMM_PR_SALESA

Set type containing sales data on a product. As this set type is dependent on a distribution chain, a distribution chain has to be selected before data can be entered.


The set type is evaluated when an order is created and in pricing. You can specify:

  • The unit of measure in which the product is sold (sales unit).

  • A minimum order quantity in base units of measure, which is the minimum quantity a customer can specify during order entry.

  • The delivery unit in which the product is delivered. Only exact multiples of the delivery unit can be specified. For example, a delivery unit of 30 bottles means that 30, 60, or 90 bottles can be delivered, but not 100.

  • A sales status, indicating whether the product can be used in an order in a specific distribution chain or whether it is blocked. If you set the status Blocked (Warning), a warning message appears in the order when the product is used. An error message is issued for the status Blocked (Error).

  • An item category group. This is a grouping of products which is used by the system to determine item categories when processing business transactions.

  • A pricing reference product, which is used by the system as a reference for pricing.

  • Whether the product qualifies for a cash discount.

  • The tax location (delivering location) of the product, which is represented by an account.

Success Rate (CRMM_PR_SUCCESS)

The Success Rate field is technically a set type that displays the success rate for a particular product and distribution chain. The figure indicates as a percentage the number of quotations successfully converted into sales orders, as compared to the total quantity of quotations for this product.

The information displayed in the field is derived from SAP NetWeaver BI. If a sales history is available for a specific product, this value also serves as the default value for the order probability (the likelihood that a sales order is initiated on the basis of the quotation).

The field is display-only and the data cannot be changed. When a product is copied, the sales data is copied as well, with the exception of the success rate. Similarly, when a distribution chain is copied in an existing product, the success rate is not copied.

You can however change the success rate value manually for a specific product using the report CRM_MAINTAIN_SUCCESS_RATE.

The Success Rate field is delivered as a hidden field and is available in the configuration tool.