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Function documentationCollateral Agreement: Agreement Type


You use the Agreement Typeset type (CRM_PR_FSCA01) to specify the type of collateral agreement, such as group lien or certified land charge.

Note Note

The set type is relevant only for financial service products (FS products) of the category Collateral Agreement.

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You have defined the possible agreement types in Customizing.

For more information, see Customizing for Start of the navigation path Financial Services Next navigation step Account Origination Next navigation step Financial Service Product (FS Product) Next navigation step Collateral Agreements Next navigation step Define Agreement Types End of the navigation path.

Caution Caution

When you create a collateral agreement, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) transfers the data to the connected collateral-managing system; the agreement types defined in SAP CRM must therefore match the agreement types in the collateral-managing system.

For more information about the configuration of the ContractOrigination and LoanContractOrigination business scenarios, see SAP Solution Manager.

End of the caution.


  • When you maintain an FS product of the category Collateral Agreement, you can define the possible agreement types for the product.

  • When you use a collateral agreement in a business transaction, you can select the required agreement type.