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Function documentationCollision Check


You can use this function in the license sales contract if you have maintained rights in the contract. This check ensures that there are no conflicts during the rights sale.


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The following possible conflicts can occur when you create a new license sales contract:

  • The rights are not owned (or represented).

  • The rights are not owned (or represented) exclusively.

  • The rights have not yet been released for sale.

  • The rights conflict with a release restriction.

  • The rights have already been sold with another license sales contract.

Conflicts can also occur when the rights are already granted with a holdback with another license sales contract.

Note that to use the holdbacks feature, you must activate the business function Intellectual Property Management (CRM_IPM_1).

To locate these potential conflicts, the system checks the following during the collision check in the order listed:

  1. Rights owned

  2. Exclusivity in the rights owned

  3. Release dates

  4. Release restrictions

  5. Sales contracts

    Note Note

    You can choose whether to display an information message when no conflict exists but the right has been sold in another license sales contract. In Customizing activity Define Attributes for System Messages, set the degree of detail as required.

    End of the note.


You can trigger the collision check from:

  • The contract header level

  • The IP level within the contract

  • The rights scope level within the contract

Note Note

If you perform this check at the contract header level, the system checks availability for all items (scopes and IPs) in the contract. If you perform this check at the IP level and scope level for the contract, the system only checks availability for the items you have selected.

You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) CRM_IPM_AVAIL_CALC_GRP to influence the results of the rights availability analysis. Use the CNTRCT_ITM_CHECK_END method to influence how the system checks a contract item against the rights owned.

End of the note.

The system displays a message in the collision check log and the application log if:

  • The availability check completes successfully.

  • Conflicts are determined during the availability check. In such a case, check the detailed information in assignment block Collision Check Log in the contract header, IP level or rights scope level within the contract.

For information about the collision check for IPs that include a granting reference, see Extended Collision Check.

The system sets the system status to Collisions Checked at item level if the availability check is successful. If you make a change to the contract that affects availability (rights, exclusivity type, contract start and contract end date types), the system resets this status.