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 Available Languages


Available languages define the language in which the content required to execute the rights is provided.

Example Example

You can for example define Mexican Spanish as a language entry.

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Available languages (in addition to the type of shipping and ship-from location belong to the IP shipping data , which you use to describe the characteristics of the physical material provided to exploit the rights sold in the IP master record. Maintain this data if you do not want to represent the associated material separately as a product of the material type in the system.

Note Note

Available languages are defined in the SAP Implementation Guide under: Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Industry-Specific Solutions Next navigation step Media Enterprises Next navigation step Intellectual Property Management Next navigation step Transactions Next navigation step Settings for IPM Transactions Next navigation step Settings for IP Shipping Next navigation step Define Languages for IP Names or Content End of the navigation path . In addition to standard languages such as English, or French, you can also represent regional dialects. Languages that you record in this table, are also available during maintenance of alias descriptions.

If an available language has been defined as a default value in the IP master data, this is entered in the contract as a default value automatically.

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