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Object documentationFinancial Service Product (FS Product)


A data store for financing-relevant attributes that define the basic conditions for financial services.


If you want to use FS products, note the following:

  • In account origination, you map the sales view of FS products, which means you cannot use these products in an operational context because the calculation functions are located in the relevant back-end systems.

    When you create an FS product in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), you must create a corresponding product in the connected contract system. You must enter the same attribute values for these products in both systems.

    Loans Management (Suite Edition)

    If you are using SAP ERP for loans management, for example, you use derivation rules to assign the sales products from SAP CRM to the corresponding inventory products in the contract system.

    You can find more information about the required settings in SAP Library for Loans Management (FS CML) in SAP ERP on SAP Help Portal at published on SAP site (Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Next navigation step SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation step Accounting Next navigation step SAP Banking Next navigation step Loans Management (FS-CML) End of the navigation path) under:

    • XI Interfaces for Loan Origination: New Business

    • Products and Conditions for Loan Origination

    • Derivation Rules for Loan Origination

    Loans Management (Account Management FS-AM)

    If you are using Account Management (FS-AM) for loans management, for example, you use BRFplus rules in the POL process object to map the sales products from SAP CRM to the corresponding inventory products in the contract system.

  • The FS product depicts a financial service in the system. You can use a separate product type 07 FS Product for financial services.

  • To be able to use the product type 07 FS Product, there must be a base hierarchy. A base hierarchy consists of categories that subdivide the product types. When you create an FS product, you assign at least one category. Categories define which set types and relationship types are permitted for the products of this category. You can also assign the product to further categories, such as a process hierarchy.

    Note Note

    We provide a report that creates the base hierarchy BASE_FS for FS products. This contains the categories Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN) and Collateral Agreements (BASE_FS_COLL) that are used for account origination.

    These categories can be subdivided further. For example, the Loan category contains the following categories:

    • Mortgage Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN02)

    • Consumer Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN01)

    • Installment Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN05)

    • Retail Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN06)

    To create the base hierarchy, you execute the report in Customizing for Financial Services underStart of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Product Next navigation step Financial Services Product (FS Product) Next navigation step Create Base Hierarchy for FS End of the navigation path. The table entries created by the report cannot be changed in the same Customizing activity.

    You can extend the base hierarchy and categories in Customizing for Cross-Application Componentsunder Start of the navigation path SAP Product Next navigation step Product Without Customizing Transfer from Backend Systems Next navigation step Maintain Categories/Hierarchies End of the navigation path.

    End of the note.
  • You define the data required for FS products using attributes, which are grouped together into set types.

    Note Note

    We provide example set types and attributes for FS products belonging to the Loan and Collateral Agreement categories. If you use the report for creating the hierarchy and the categories, the system automatically assigns these set types to the corresponding categories.

    For more information, see Set Types for Financial Service Products.

    End of the note.
  • To map the financial services provided by your company, you can use the attributes and set types provided in the system or create new set types.

    • If you want to use set types in the product master, you must assign these to a category in the base hierarchy for FS products.

    • If you want to use set types independently of product categories, you can integrate these in the business transaction.

    For more information, see Enhancement of the Product Master and Business Transaction.

  • For FS quotations, you can use the relationship type FS Relationship to link FS products with product categories and so define dependencies between products.

    For more information, see Linking of FS Products and Product Categories in FS Quotations.

To use the following item (also listed in more detail above), you must activate the business function CRM-IFS, Guided Loan Origination Process (CRM_FS_NBRNWL_1):

  • Retail Loan (BASE_FS_LOAN06)