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Object documentationSales: Groupings


Technical name: CRMM_PR_SALESG

Set type allowing you to group products for various purposes. As this set type is dependent on distribution chains, a distribution chain has to be selected before data can be maintained.


The set type is evaluated when an order is created and in pricing.

It contains various fields for grouping purposes. They allow you to group together products in a simple manner and use them in various ways:

  • Pricing conditions (field Product Group)

  • Commission calculation (field Commission Group)

  • Volume rebate settlement (field Volume Rebate Group)

  • Revenue or sales deduction account determination (field Account Assignment Group)

  • Your own analyses (product groups 1 – 5)

  • A sales category can be specified for a particular distribution chain and used for specific purposes within applications such as pricing and trade promotions. However, certain applications such as partner/product ranges (PPRs) only interpret the organization-independent product category assignment.

    Note Note

    The sales category is not used in the same way as product categories, and does not influence the interface or other aspects of product maintenance. Settings made to this category on the Product Hierarchy page will not be effective on the Product page.

    End of the note.

You make the relevant Customizing settings as follows:

  • You define the groups you require in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, by choosing Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Products Next navigation step Special Settings for Sales Operations End of the navigation path.

  • The sales category you use must belong to the hierarchy assigned to the application Sales. You can check these settings in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP Product Next navigation step Product Category Next navigation step Assign Category Hierarchies to Applications End of the navigation path.