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Function documentationMaintenance of a Financial Services Quotation


You can use financial Services quotations to give a business partner confirmation that the bank will conclude a sales contract for the specified financial services product.

For more information, see Financial Services Quotation.



You create Financial Services quotations in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and enter the relevant data:

  • You enter products for the Financial Services quotation. Depending on the item category group of the product, the system uses item determination to derive an item category. An item category specifies the characteristics and attributes of a business transaction item, and controls the maintenance of an item.

    Note Note

    SAP ships the following item categories for the Financial Services quotation:

    • FS01 Consumer loan

    • FS02 Mortgage loan

    • FS03 Final mortgage loan

    • FS11 Real estate

    • FS21 Collateral agreement: group lien

    • FS22 Collateral agreement: guarantee

    • FS41 Insurance: remaining debt

    • FSBN Product bundle

    End of the note.

    For more information, see Transfer of Products to Financial Services Quotations.

    In the item details of your product, you can also do the following:

  • In a Financial Services quotation, you can trigger functions that are located not in SAP CRM but in the connected back-end systems. These functions are integrated in the business transaction as actions.

    The following functions exist in the standard system, for example:

When you have finished maintaining a Financial Services quotation, you carry out subsequent processing. For more information, see Status Management for a Financial Services Quotation.