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Function documentationCreation of a Financing Product


You use this function to map your different financing models as financing products in the system.


  • You have created the base hierarchy for financing products. We provide a report for this purpose. You can also change the automatically created hierarchy. For example, you can add or delete categories.

    For more information, see Customizing for CRM under Financial Start of the navigation path Services Next navigation step Account Origination Next navigation step Financial Service Product (FS Product) Next navigation step Create Base Hierarchy for FS End of the navigation path.


  • When you create a financing product, you enter the following data:

    • Product ID for unique identification of the product

    • Product type Financial Service

    • Category of the corresponding financing product

  • Depending on the product category, you enter the details for the financing. For more information, see Financing Set Types.

  • You use relationships to map dependencies between products or product categories. Since financings are related to leased objects, financing products are always related to one or more physical products (for example, computers or automobiles). For more information, see Relationships.

    Example Example

    You create the financing product Car Leasing. Your customers can use this to finance the Luxury or Standard make of automobile. Therefore, you assign the products Luxury and Standard to your financing product Car Leasing.

    End of the example.
  • If for marketing reasons you want to sell independent products under one name, you can also add financing products to product bundles. For more information, see Product Bundle.