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Object documentationFinancing Product


Data store for financing-relevant attributes that define the general conditions under which certain physical products (such as cars) can be financed. The basic conditions include the due date and payment form.


  • Financing products are products that you create with the product type 07 Financial Service in the category BASE_FS (Base Hierarchy for FS Products). For more information, see Creation of a Financing Product.

  • To offer customers the required flexibility for financings, you can also use financing options in addition to financing products. For more information, see Financing Option.

  • A financing product is always related to one or more physical products. For more information, see Relationships.

  • The data for the financing product form the basis for quotation and contract processing.


Products consist of attributes that are grouped into set types. We deliver example set types for financing. For more information, see Financing Set Types.

To build up a detailed product range, you can create user-defined attributes, group them into set types and assign them to the corresponding product category. For more information, see Enhancement of the Product Master and Business Transaction.

Among other things, the financing product consists of:

  • Distribution chain-independent data:

    • General data, such as product category or contract class

  • Distribution chain-dependent data:

    • Calculation procedure

    • View-dependent calculation bases

    • Payment structure variant and payment structure

    • Classification

    • Initial change process