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Function documentationRelationships


To map a business context, you can link financing products with other products and product categories.


  • You can create the following relationships for financing products:

    • Product Financing: financing product for an additional product (for example, material).

    • Financing of Product Category: financing product for product category.

    • Financing Option: financing product for financing option.

      Note Note

      The relationship of financing product to financing option is distribution-chain-dependent and can be limited to a specific time period.

      End of the note.
    • Product Bundle: grouping together of products for marketing reasons. For more information, see Product Bundle.

    • FS Relationship: relationship of financing product to product category, stating the specific purpose.

      Example Example

      Relationship of a tax financing product to the product category Leasing with the purpose of Tax Financing.

      End of the example.
  • A financing product can have a relationship to one or more physical products or to a category of products.

    The system checks the relationships in the lease.


You enter the relationships when you edit financing products.